Differences between Magnetism, Fascination and Hypnotism


I’d propose to everybody a classification that I think can be very useful for understanding our discipline.

We have:

1) Magnetism

It means working using a principle, that even if not well defined by mainstream (not quantistic) science, in fact has positive effects even on animals and can even heal them. Its main effect are on the visceral nervous system. This principle find a parallel in the concepts of prana or chi of eastern disciplines. These techniques are sure argument of this forum.

2) Fascination and physical hypnotism

These are systems that create peculiar states in people, and are at the basis very physical. For exemple if a person stay in front of a mirror for some time he can experience changes in his mental state and even hallucinations, and this even without the use of suggestions and even without expectancy from the subject. The same can happen even with other physical systems, as hyperventilation etc… These techniques start normally working on the voluntary system, the subject feels from the begin that something is happening, and extend their effect on the involuntary system (change of hearth rate, etc…) These techniques can be argument of this forum

3) Suggestion, and we can have the sub fields of direct suggetion and indirect suggestion (ericksonian hypnosis). These techniques rely on expectancy and imagination to get results. Most of the times they need the subject understand what the operator says. These techniques are normally not argument of this forum. They can be touched for doing comparisons or questions.

These three fields are well defined, but in the actual practice it is true that they mix together a lot. For exemple a person could use suggestion to accelerate a reaction that could happen in any case. Fascination could mix with magnetism, and magnetic treatment could be preceded by conversations that create disponibility in the client. Also indirect suggestion can a lot of time be accompanied by a strong will by the side of the operator to get the result.

Website of V. Campanelli

Below tyou will find the website of V. Campanelli. In 55 seconds he had people stopping smoking with magnetism

Here I cite part of an article about him:

It was one of those unpredictable moments in my career when I could witness history in the making.

I was the first reporter in the world to learn that King Hussein of Jordan had decided to stop smoking.

My host, Vincenzo Campanelli, a man whose electrifying touch can make you drop the habit forever, was being asked to do the job.

As I stood by, Jordan’s prime minister invited the Italian attorney and nicotine-exorcizer to fly to Amman immediately.

The apolitical, unassuming “magician,” as his Israeli clients call him, may not have realized that his mission was the latest and perhaps most unusual development in the surreptitious peace process involving Israel and Jordan.

Hussein’s decision to try Campanelli‘s method could have derived only from secret negotiations with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Campanelli had worked wonders with Peres only a few months before.

The entire procedure lasted about 40 seconds. Campanelli sat her down, said she would never want to smoke again, touched her forehead, shoulders and tummy, made a crackling, electric sound with his fingers as he swept his hands down her arms and the treatment was over.

He then produced an oversized calling card with his title and name across its center, wrote the date and time in red and declared: “That is when you stopped smoking.”

Withdrawal wasn’t easy: stomach pains, a feeling akin to having a vaccuum cleaner get at your insides, an accumulation of phlegm, but, also, an aversion to cigarettes.

During the immediate aftermath, a specially prescribed diet was undertaken at a doctor’s advice to make sure abstinence would not be followed by gluttony.

But as for Peres and Hussein – what better proof could there be that the two must have met? I can hear the Arab monarch extending his hand to the Israeli statesman and Peres politely turning down the proferred cigarette.

“What happened?” Hussein must have asked. “Campanelli,” had to be the reply.

Hussein’s Jordanian subjects can thank Peres when they say, “Long live the king” and trust that their wish will come true.

And, as one of my Israeli colleagues put it, thanks to the Roman “magician,” there’s a lot less smoke these days in this part of the Middle East.

Jay Bushinsky runs the Chicago Sun-Times’ Middle East Bureau.

And here the website of Campanelli


Magnetism, self observing and presence

We could say that self observing in reality is letting go the point of views we have on the reality. Normal people is always in a point of view, or in ways of viewing and percieving reality, that classical psychological school could define as “trances”. We could say that we are everyday in trance, or more simply that you are everyday in a way of viewing reality that is not reality. May be you are worried about something and you see just some elements of reality, or you are excited and in the same way you alter reality. Being present means observing yourself, feelilng and seeing what you are in reality doing, becoming also aware that you are also a part of these reality you are observing that couldn’t exist in the way it is without you, becoming also aware that we have these way of viewing (or point of view) and letting them go the more possible, approaching a “no trance state” or a “no point of view state”.

How this could connect to magnetism? In fact when you get the most striking results is when you go in a particular state “without points of view” and “let things happen”. Somebody could call this “going to zero point state” or similarly, Mesmer would have called it “being simply in the Nature”. At this point something strange happens most of the time instantaneously. Problems many time get solved, healing happens. Why? May be also illness is a point of view, reality is not as we perceive and going to this zero point put us in contact with a more real world.

Does the hypnotist impose its will?

This is a question that often arises. We read for example on a book:

In Hypnotism the operator paralyzes that channel in the brain through which the subject, as Ego, operates and controls that organ. This action prevents the subject from receiving any other impressions than those suggested by the operator. This practice has always been named Black Magic by the true adepts because it is an interference with the free-will of the Ego. Any person, therefore, who practices hypnotism is well on the road to becoming a Black Magician. Hypnotism acts upon the capillary veins and nerves from without, as a repression. But in Mesmerism the case is reversed. Here the effect is produced from within without — an opening up instead of a repression and contraction. In Mesmerism the operator does not interfere with the free-will of his patient, and the subject continues to move in accordance with his own nature and qualities. THEOSOPHY, Vol. 26, No. 10, August, 1938

(Pages 434-440)


What can we think?

I think if a person is seriously ill, it doesn’t interest her if the magic which helps is black or white, when it helps. When the person agrees that the hypnotist is allowed to impose his will, then it is okay. I had always concerns about using hypnotism because of this reason, but in the end it is the same if you use your hands on the body of a person or if you direct your thoughts towards a person or use clairvoyance. What helped me to overcome this, is the thought that the other one is only an outer appearance of myself coming to me and then we can do what might help. On the subconscious level we are one and from there working seems to be best….

Transference: Do we must shake hands after practising?

Some Magnetisers from the old school from Mesmer also from the modern “bioenergy”-schools ….shake out their hands after the passes. But not everybody does it. Johanna Arnold don´t shake her hand, too. But she takes care of the energyflow through the poles.

There are two levels. At the first we can elaborate on the how take care of the energy flow and cleansing the human system , whether its self hypnosis, taking a shower, burning sage, flicking the hands, or sekf magnetism before sleep or some other forms of protection.

In fact most often the operator “feels” the subject

“I have often noticed a discomfort in particular body parts that guide me to where the blockage is in the subject”. Some people are just more intuitive then the others, i remember once rick was talking to me in my lounge room and I had a backache he asked me how was my back as he could feel the discomfort in his lower back.”

But protection can also be bypassed: In various ‘Magical’ systems much emphasis is placed upon ‘Protection’ .. but In Magnetism as well as in ‘Taoism’ one is operating above such ‘division’ as is thought of as ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ and as it has often been stated ,one is ‘entangled’ . The vital key to so called ‘protection’ ; which is already evidences a form of ‘mental dichotomy’ is the ongoing labour at ones own ‘internal works’ and practices . Works that in fact gradually ‘erase’ the barrier ; the dichotomy between subject and object. . If properly performed the energy of both participants is ‘raised’ and ‘protection’ in my opinion becomes no longer an issue . During the session , the work upon the client should create the necessary ‘flow’ for their energies , and rebalancing will also occur .

I’m sure you all already know these facts , but I state them to make my own operating position clear . It is our ongoing self practices that will enable good results .

In fact, as far as physical transferrnce is concerned it is only static (electricity) you can be as ritualistic as you want to be but the way you get rid of static is to wash with water. When Mesmer and co shook their hands it was not to flick anything away but to enhance their own energy field for more powerful transmission of the etherial fluid.

A magnetist once said: “”I do not believe that one can catch a disease by magnetising : if that were the case I should have every disease possible.”

Magnetism, Mesmerism and Fascination

Dr. Paret along with Dr. Tira personally direct this unique Magnetism and Fascination club where they diffuse the ancient methodology into which they were personally initiated.

This is a vast field of new adventure.

Mesmerism is completely different from modern hypnosis. Mesmerism is the Western school corresponding to the use of Prana or Ki (Chi) in Orient. Parts of the teachings of this school were never completely disclosed in print. Dr. Paret, who is a genuine practitioner, wrote a series of notes which allow a better understanding of practical applications of these techniques and their actualness. Many of the powerful results of Mesmerism are scarcely reachable if only pursued through verbal hypnosis.

In this group we teach also how to develop the power of the hypnotic gaze and we give access to a knowledge of inextimable value to the practising hypnotist as well to the person trying to improve himself.

This group is for people aiming to go beyond what they already know. Dr.Paret developed it with Dr. Max Tira after they have read everything of Milton Erickson, NLP etc… but wanted to find even more…
As Heraclytus said: “if you don’t expect the unexpected you cannot find the truth”

During the Middle Ages people referred to fascination as the power of ones gaze upon another gaze, while for the Indians this “power to bind” is connected to the third eye, the ajna chakra.

Why are the eyes so powerful? The gaze, when properly used, allows two people to come into really deep contact. Eyes are said to be the “windows of the soul”. Love, fear and any emotion can be read into the eyes.

Looking into someone’s eyes always gives a strong and persisting impression. This is also backed up by scientific research results that have shown how the infants so strongly react to the gaze of parents and how this is important for bonding.

Learn to join the forces of the eye and of the magnetism in what is called “Magnetic Fascination” and join us in this group aimed at explaining how to better use this force.

We have a school in Nice located in the beautiful French Riviera and offer English speaking classes throughout the year. Contact us for information on fees and dates to learn these powerful techniques.

Aim of this group is also to transmit an ancient tradition leading to a superior level. The unfoldment of the human being, finding its highest point in a quantistic dimension of presence. A true transformation, the most important one can achieve in life. A very technical process, may be in the future science will shed light on it.
The Kabbalists called it The Holy Palace within; Philalethes “the Hidden Palace of the King”; St. Theresa of Avila “the Interior Castle”; the hermetic dragon puts on wings and becomes airborne, the path to a superior liberation.
Even if many search for it, in many traditions or cultures, very few know exactly how to arrive to the endpoint, the most important thing to research and work on in life.

How to apply personal magnetism?

(1) You must earnestly desire the combination of the two elements of personal magnetism, the physical and the mental forces. You must create the strongest kind of desire for this combination. This desire must be stronger than a mere “want”. it must be fanned up to the stage of an actual “longing” or “craving” for the combination in question.

(2) You must use the imagination, actively, in the direction of forming a mental picture of the mingling of the two forms of magnetism, just as you would picture the combination of two clouds, or two currents of water in a lake, flowing in from two different sources. The stronger and more vivid you can make this picture, the stronger and more effective will be the result. These mental pictures require the use of the attention, and that the attention is due to a direct and concentrated use of the will. Therefore, the will is actively and powerfully employed in this process and the result is correspondingly effective.

(3) The direct command of the will itself, in the direction of “willing” the currents to coalesce and combine. These three phases of the use of the will, combined, will prove very effective in the direction names. A little practice will enable you to perform all three of them, at one time, almost automatically. You will see, by a little thought, that the process just described, is practically that used when you perform.

Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson).1906

What is the right attitude to practice mesmerism?

Magnetism is the same as quantum entanglement with the person. Having the person feeling attracted by yourself in ways difficult to explain is very common. Don’t rationalize to much. Just observe you got a result. Focus on the result and not on rationalizing the why, otherwise for some strange reason you will dis-empower yourself and what at the begin is easy will become more and more difficult.

I agree with the magnetizer Donato. “Newcomers tend to draw theories, but in this field, the more you become expert, the more you see facts and you become overcautious on every generalization and theory”

That said, it is in the human nature to search the “why” and can be sometime useful, but put always before the “what I get”. Put energy there and you will have results.

On the eyes – Chapter Nine: Vision “Your Inner Fish” By Neil Shubin

“When you look into eyes, forget about romance, creation, and the windows into the soul. With their molecules, genes, and tissues derived from microbes, jellyfish, worms, and flies, you seen an entire menagerie.”


Eyes are some of the aforementioned soft tissues that very rarely makes it onto the fossil record. To understand their history, we have to look at the parts that make them up, which all have their own story. Together, they make sort of mosaic, a whole image that’s made up of bits of pieces. Shubin likens them to a piece of machinery like a car:


“Take a Chevy Corvette, for example. We can trace the history of the model as a whole — the Corvette — and the history of each of its parts. The ‘Vette has a history, beginning with its origins in 1953 and continuing through the different model designs each year. The tires used on the ‘Vette also have a history, as does the rubber used in making them… Our eyes have a history as organs, but so do eyes’ constituent parts, the cells and tissues, and so do the genes that make those parts.”


The job of the eyes is to capture light and deliver it to the brain, where it can be processed into a sensible, three-dimensional image. Vertebrates have eyes that are similar to our pre-digital cameras. Light enters the eye, passing through several layers of tissue, such as the cornea, the iris, and the lens. These layers are controlled by tiny, involuntary muscles, and change the amount of light and focus the image before it hits the retina, a sort of screen in the back of the eye onto which the image is projected. The retina absorbs the light using proteins called opsins.


All animals use opsins. Humans, caterpillars, zebras, squids, clams: all animals have the same kind of light-absorbing molecule, despite the amazing diversity in photoreceptor organs.


Opsins take a very familiar path across cellular membranes to convey information. Certain molecules in bacteria take similar paths, which suggests that this is a record of our past as microbial organisms.


Another of these “living bridges” was found in 2001, when the study of a very primitive worm, a polychaete, yielded a surprising discovery. Polchaetes have distinct characteristics of both vertebrate and invertebrate photoreception. The eyes of the worms themselves are, in appearance and function, like most invertebrate eyes. Underneath its skin, however, it has a secondary set of photoreceptors that chemically and structurally resemble those of vertebrates.


Geneticists later discovered that even the genes for eye development are incredibly similar.

By studying mutant fruit flies that were born eyeless, they were able to isolate the genes that were responsible for growing eyes. They then experimented with activating this genetic sequence, called eyeless, in places where it was normally inactive: antennae, body segments, anywhere they activated the gene, an eye would grow. These eyes even showed some ability to respond to light.

They could even transplant this genetic sequence from other species. Walter Gehrig transplanted the eyeless equivalent from a mouse into a fruit fly, and activated it. Not only did the tissue produce an eye, but it produced the eye of a fruit fly.

Transference – sexual current:

Excerpts from the posts on our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/104573319590760/ Visit it and discover a host of informations!

The term ‘Animal Magnetism’ has in the past also been applied to the sexual current between two people. While doing this kind of healing work, does that sexual current manifest between practitioner and client? I’m sure that a high level of personal integrity is part of the practice, so one would not abuse such a reaction. I’m just curious if such a reaction does occur during the session.

This kind of thing is always going to crop up as a possibility in the mind of observers , and maybe even in the minds of certain practitioners ; however in actual practice the whole self is focussed on ‘a different level’ so to speak , yes of course the highest level of personal integrity is needed , and of course the purpose of the session is sacrosanct . Without doubt these techniques could be used between willing participants ‘in private work’ to great effect for issues relating to sexual concerns and amplification of certain sexual energies . The mis-application of these techniques in situations that are meant to be professional is obviously to be condemned , and therefore is no different to any other profession .

I know that during Mesmer’s work with vats, there were often “convulsions” that have been likened to spontaneous orgasms. Watching the video, it was clear that the rapport between you and the woman you were working with deepened quite a bit during the session. I was curious whether that connection was subjectively perceived as similar to the sexual current. Thank you for clarifying what actually was occurring from your point of view.

When you study Mesmer’s writings the vats (Baquttes) were a ruse, they were used to try to justify where the etherial fluid (magnetism) was actually coming from as it would not, and was not, accepted that it could be a human to human transmission. I have studied Mesmer’s work for over a decade and there is a lot of confusion and nonsense written about him and what he did. It is well summed up by Lorenz Oken (1779-1851) who said “When the man who, as much as or more than Galvani, has given wonderful and mysterious demonstrations of the phenomena he has discovered, dies in neglect, an immeaurable benefit is lost to mankind”. The driving forces that make a great Mesmerist/Magnetist are passion and belief. Not all of the estatic cartharsis’s that happened at the Vats were spontaneous orgasims, in fact it was no more so that what occours during traditional hypnosis, meaning very few. There were also padded rooms where patients would be taken and left to experience the physical effcets of the release of their imbalance. Please do not confuse Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Mesmer in the film Mesmer as all truth, in fact historically and factually it was very poorly researched, but the period costumes etc were excellent.

I’m very glad this is inspiring a good dialogue here ! .. I will soon post up my article i have written , it is aimed at the mainstream masses and so is quite straight for a lot of us here , but it still places emphasis upon what rick points out here ; that magnetic phenomena do truly exist , but much of it has been romanticized as is seen in the film ‘Mesmer’ . Great entertainment ; pretty , but certainly not informative .